Golden Milk


Package size

8 oz 3.5 oz 1 pound 5 pounds

Golden Milk


Package size

8 oz 3.5 oz 1 pound 5 pounds
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Zen’s Golden Milk is a mix of Turmeric, Ginger, and Vietnamese Cinnamon powder and is 100% Organic! GMO-free, dairy-free & hand-mixed assembled & packed; like Grandma’s cookies but healthier. Golden Milk is one of the most famous remedies in Ayurvedic medicine. Traditionally used for pain relief, arthritis & inflammation.

Golden Milk has a spicy, earthy taste and can be made hot or cold. It can be made with milk, milk alternatives (i.e. Almond Milk, Coconut Milk), or added to coffee as a health shot. 

Golden Milk & why people drink it
The potent healing properties of Turmeric, Ginger, and Cinnamon make this blend great for immune health and digestive discomfort. Turmeric is famous for its anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties, making it a wonderful remedy for those suffering from injuries, joint pain, and the build-up of toxins.
Health Tip: add a pinch of black pepper to boost the benefits of Turmeric!   

Health benefits

  • Immune Support
  • Digestion
  • Pain Relief/Relaxation
  • Cardiovascular Support

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Grown in Asia on our organic plantations & hand-packed in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Gold Rush

Since trying Zens Golden Milk, it has become a staple in my morning rituals. I pair it with coconut milk. One teaspoon per 8oz of liquid. Good stuff, give it a try.

It's pretty strong

I ordered golden milk for it's anti-inflammatory benefits. The flavor of Turmeric and ginger are very strong and they are an acquired taste that I don't have. I know it's good for me, so I need to get used to drinking it every day. I absolutely love their customer service people!


Golden Milk is the best out there !!! Shipping is slow but product is great

Angela Luevano
Haven’t really feel any different

How is it supose too help your stomache


This turmeric product helps reduce pain & inflammation! I make a drink of it every night with milk. It has a nice flavor! Will continue to keep buying it!

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