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Golden Milk Zen's Tea House Golden Milk Zen's Tea House
Golden Milk from $15.99
Zen’s Golden Milk is a mix of Turmeric, Ginger, and Vietnamese Cinnamon powder and is 100% Organic! GMO-free, dairy-free & hand-mixed assembled & packed; like Grandma’s cookies but healthier. Golden Milk is one of the most famous remedies in Ayurvedic medicine. Traditionally used for pain relief, arthritis & inflammation. TasteGolden Milk has a spicy, earthy taste and can be made hot or cold. It can be made with milk, milk alternatives (i.e. Almond Milk, Coconut Milk), or added to coffee as a health shot.  Golden Milk & why people drink itThe potent healing properties of Turmeric, Ginger, and Cinnamon make this blend great for immune health and digestive discomfort. Turmeric is famous for its anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties, making it a wonderful remedy for those suffering from injuries, joint pain, and the build-up of toxins.Health Tip: add a pinch of black pepper to boost the benefits of Turmeric!    Health benefits Immune Support Digestion Pain Relief/Relaxation Cardiovascular Support Click Zen's Med to learn about Muscle Soreness and Natural Healing Treatment. Grown in Asia on our organic plantations & hand-packed in the USA.
Congest-Less : allergies, asthma, cough & throat Zen's Tea House Congest-Less : allergies, asthma, cough & throat Zen's Tea House
Congest-Less : Allergies, Asthma, Cough & Throat from $5.99
Congest-Less is a blend of herbs that have been traditionally used for their expectorant and anti-histamine properties. It contains Holy Basil, Hyssop leaves, and Ginger pieces. Caffeine FREE and safe to mix with different teas. TasteCongest-Less has a very earthy and spicy flavor. Congestion & MoreThis organic herbal blend was designed for individuals who suffer from allergies, asthma, cough, throat infection, etc. It is also commonly offered during pregnancy.  Health benefits Cardiovascular Support Immune Support Digestion Pain Relief/Relaxation Grown in Europe & hand-packed in the USA.
Matcha Green Tea Zen's Tea House Matcha Green Tea Zen's Tea House
Matcha Green Tea from $11.99
Zen’s Matcha is an Organic Premium Japanese green tea powder and is 100% organic. Matcha concentration of the epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) catechin is 3 times higher than the largest literature value for other Green Tea. TasteThis green tea has a deliciously creamy and crisp green tea flavor. It is easy to prepare and can be enjoyed with milk, cream, or milk alternative. It can also be mixed in cold or nearly boiled water instantly. Matcha Green Tea & why people drink itMatcha is rich in catechins (a class of plant compounds found in tea that is known to be a natural antioxidant), amino acids, and minerals (Iron, Calcium, Potassium, L-Theanine). It is great for weight loss, energy-boosting, and detox. The compound known as EGCg allows for greater fat and calorie burning before or after exercise. Health benefits Cardiovascular Support Weight Loss Detox Energy Grown in Asia on our organic plantations & hand-packed in the USA. Make a Matcha LatteZen's customers who have visited our cafe love Matcha Lattes. The video below is a short video on how to prepare a Matcha Latte.
Peach Oolong Tea Zen's Tea House Peach Oolong Tea Zen's Tea House
Peach Oolong Tea from $12.99
Zen's Peach Oolong is a metabolism boosting, weight-loss tea, blended with potent Taiwanese Oolong leaves. A calorie-free tea that does not need additional sweeteners. Peach Oolong is a Skinny Tea that is easy to drink hot or cold.  TasteA Classic Peach Tea with a mildly sweet aroma and fruity peach taste. An easy to brew iced tea!  What Peach Oolong can do  Oolong tea leaves are known to contain significant amounts of Manganese, a compound known to boost metabolic rate or function. Oolong has also been used for weight loss due to its effectiveness in burning midsection fat. Making this tea a great supplement to add to a healthy diet. Watcha a Cold Brew video by clicking this Link. Health benefits Similar to Green tea, Oolong tea is packed with catechins, which boost weight loss efforts by improving the body's ability to metabolize fat. This selection of Taiwanese Oolong is rich in antioxidants and bioflavonoids, polyphenols, and catechins that speed up metabolism and reduce fat accumulation, helping to lose weight The health benefits of oolong tea include improved mental alertness. Regular intake of caffeine-rich oolong tea may help in improving mental performance and maintaining alertness throughout the day Grown in a Zen's Organic Taiwanese Tea Garden & hand-packed in Los Angeles, CA USA.
Hawaiian Fruit Zen's Tea House Hawaiian Fruit Zen's Tea House
Hawaiian Fruit from $13.99
Sweet Hawaiian Fruit is a delicious bouquet of Hibiscus with dried tropical fruit that makes this tea blend naturally sweet. The cooling properties of Hibiscus blended with natural fruit morsels of peach, mango, passion fruit, and cranberry makes for a tasty and healthy alternative to sugar-fueled juices and is perfect for children. This flavorful blend makes the perfect iced beverage. Caffeine Free TasteThis blend has the most floral, fruity taste of all our teas. Hawaiian Fruit tea & Why people drink itThe health benefits of Zen's Hawaiian Fruit include its ability to balance one's blood pressure & aid in relieving disturbed digestive. The natural immune-boosting fruits in this blend are known to help the body. This tea is rich in vitamin C, minerals, and antioxidants. Learn more at Blood Pressure Zen's Med. Health benefits Balance blood pressure naturally Helps HDL/LDL cholesterol levels Immune Boosting Fruits Promotes weight loss by sugar replacement Source of antioxidants & Vitamin C Grown in organic plantations in Europe & South America and hand-packed in Los Angeles, CA USA.
Holy Detox : Natural Cleanse Tea Blend Zen's Tea House Holy Detox : Natural Cleansing Tea Blend
Holy Detox : Natural Cleansing Tea Blend from $12.99
Holy Detox is our #1, best-selling herbal blend. Holy Basil (Tulsi), Spearmint, Rose Hips, Linden Blossoms, and Lemon Myrtle are the main ingredients of Holy Detox.  TasteThe flavor profile in this heavenly mixture is characterized by refreshingly minty, lemon, and berry accents. Holy Detox & Why people drink itThe herbs in this delicious blend are known to decrease high levels of cortisol (“the stress hormone”), which can provide a notable feeling of mind-body wellness and clarity. They can be used as a digestive aid, immunity booster and to ease stomach inflammation. Health benefits Holy Basil (Tulsi) is known to be anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral making it a great digestive aid and immune booster. Spearmint and linden blossoms help the body process food more logically and settle bloating and gastrointestinal inflammation. Rose hips are known to contain 50% more Vitamin C than oranges. Rose Hips have been traditionally used as a diuretic and known to gently soothe blockage in cases of mild kidney disorders and constipation. Lemon Myrtle is an herb that compliments the flavor and has antioxidants that is comparable to many teas. For more information on the Holy Basil (Tulsi) found in Holy Detox, click here Zen's Tea House can provide a custom 'Holy Detox' blend using other Ayurvedic herbs. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medical practice that promotes a more holistic approach. Caffeine Free. Grown in Asia on our organic plantations & hand-packed in the USA.
Dream of Flowers : relaxing bed time sleep Zen's Tea House Dream of Flowers : relaxing bed time sleep Zen's Tea House
Dream of Flowers | Relaxing Bed Time Sleep from $12.99
Zen's Dream of Flowers is the #1 tea for sleepless nights! It contains a perfectly balanced mixture of sedative herbs and flowers. Chamomile Flower, Rose Petals, French Lavender, and Tulsi Leaves are the main ingredients from this relaxing blend. It is GMO & caffeine-free.  Taste Zen's Dream of Flowers is the perfect combination of floral, spicy, sweet, and earthy flavors. Lay Back, Relax & EnjoyThis caffeine-free tisane can be made hot, cold, and mixed with milk. This is not an insomnia cure but can be used to help many to relax the body and mind. The perfect drink before going to bed to get a good night of rest. Health benefits Pain Relief/Relaxation Grown in Asia on our organic plantations & hand-packed in the USA.
Pomegranate Black Tea Zen's Tea House Pomegranate Black Tea Zen's Tea House
Pomegranate Black Tea from $11.99
Naturally blended, composed of a smooth Indian black tea and brilliant dark orange safflower petals bathed in a sweet and tart natural pomegranate infusion and safflower petals. Organic Pomegranate Black Tea is one of our Biggest Sellers. Caffeine strength is an estimated 90mg to assist in Energy & Clarity. TasteThis tea has a fruity, sweet taste. What this tea can do Antioxidants called polyphenols in black tea may help prevent DNA damage in the body, help deters weight gain and promote fat loss, lower blood sugar levels, and the chance of developing type-2 diabetes. It lowers the risk of heart attack and cardiovascular disease, reduces blood pressure, and helps to provide mental alertness and energy. Health benefits Antioxidants called polyphenols in black tea may help prevent DNA damage in the body Deter weight gain and promote fat loss Lower blood sugar levels and the chance of developing type-2 diabetes Lowers risk of heart attack and cardiovascular disease Reduce blood pressure Helps to provide mental alertness and energy Grown in Asia on our organic plantations & hand-packed in the USA.

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"Oolong has a list of incredible benefits. The list of those benefits is not what you’d call short — oolong tea is associated with lower instances of heart disease, obesity and cancer; prevention of diabetes; a reduction in both inflammation and oxidative stress; increase in cognitive function; healthy skin and even healthy bones."

Dr. Josh Axe, DC, DNM, CNS

"Dr. Jen's Blend was originally formulated for my female patients plagued by the perils of their feminine cycles. Now available at Zen's Tea House, this "Goddess Tonic" is for a woman's body and moon cycles: cramping and hot flashes. These herbs are not only full of nutrients, together they may aid in relief of uterine cramps. No caffeine!"

Dr. Jennifer Palladino, DC

"Drinkers of Golden Milk can also reap the benefits of ginger, a natural anti-inflammatory that can help relieve symptoms of arthritis, bursitis and other musculoskeletal ailments. Turmeric's anti-inflammatory potencies can be enhanced by adding a little black pepper to aid absorbption. I recommend drinking Golden Milk to calm digestve issues."

Dr. Andrew Weil M.D
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