Zen's Tea House was founded in 2012 with the purpose of helping people through the power of tea. We believe in quality over quantity. This is not a marketing slogan, but an inherent philosophy. We serve our community by providing healthy organic products, free holistic health education, and jobs.

We work with Naturopathic Doctors, Homeopathic Doctors, and Licensed Medical Physicians who specialize in a more preventative and natural approach to health. Together we work to inform people that there are healthier options.

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    Zen's Tea House offer a safe space for others to socialize while enjoying healthy cups of tea. At Zen's Tea House, we use only natural ingredients (Organic or Wild Crafted) to create a delicious & healthy drink.

    Zen's Values:

    1. We offer organic loose leaf teas you can trust.
    2. We specialize in providing you with the world's highest quality teas, herbs & superfoods.
    3. All-natural and holistic health education is the backbone of our business.

    History of Zen's Tea House: After serving 5 years in the US Navy, Whittier Native, Fernando Lopez returned to his hometown and started Zen's Tea House. With only his unemployment check, he started selling to friends & family.

    In 2013 Zen's attended its first farmers in Downey California. In 2014 Zen's opened a warehouse in Santa Fe Springs CA. In 2018 Fernando partnered with Jake Eldredge and a year later they opened up a tea house in Norwalk CA. In 2021 they opened their second tea house in Whittier CA. 

    Owners of Zen's Tea House (Zen's Tea Owners: Rakl, Jake, Fernando & Alexis)

    Zen's Tea Message: We desire all to be conscious of the natural and healing properties of organic loose leaf botanicals. Our goal is to bring forth trustworthy, professional content, that is organic and true to who we are; we genuinely care for the health and well-being of people. No matter your race, religion, background, we promise to assist and care for you, to the best of our ability.

    Watch video about Zen's Tea House from Founder Fernando here: https://youtu.be/Ay8NjipR6CM 

    Fernando - Co-Founder at Zen's Tea House


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