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Peppermint tea is a delicious and refreshing way to boost overall health in a variety of ways! Drinking peppermint has been shown to greatly improve digestion, reduce pain and inflammation. This strong, no caffeine herb is recognized around the world for its ability to reduce stress.

Peppermint has also been used as a natural internal cooling agent, making it a treasured remedy for reducing fevers in children and adults and “hot flashes” in menopausal women.

“In vitro, peppermint has significant antimicrobial and antiviral activities, strong antioxidant and antitumor actions, and some antiallergenic potential.”

Blumberg, Jeffrey B. “A Review of the Bioactivity and Potential Health Benefits of Peppermint Tea (Mentha piperita L.). in Phytotherapy Research. Vol. 20, Issue 8, June 2006.

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