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Hibiscus makes a floral crimson drink that can be consumed hot or cold. This part of the flower is used to make a popular drink in Latin known as Agua de Jamaica. This drink is known best for helping with high blood pressure.

“In vitro studies show Hibiscus sabdariffa L., an ingredient found in many herbal tea blends and other beverages, has antioxidant properties, and, in animal models, extracts of its calyces have demonstrated hypocholesterolemic and antihypertensive properties.”

McKay, Diane L., and C-Y Oliver Chen, et al. “Hibiscus Sabdariffa L. Tea (Tisane) Lowers Blood Pressure in Prehypertensive and Mildly Hypertensive Adults.” in The Journal of Nutrition. Vol. 140, Issue 2, Feb 2010, 298-303. https://doi.org/10.3945/jn.109.115097

Preparation Steps

Brewing your tea doesn’t have to be hard; follow these steps for the perfect cup of tea.

1 tsp. per 8 oz
5-7 min

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