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Burdock root has a naturally earthy taste but is used often in teas. Traditionally, this root tea has been used as a blood purifier, clearing the bloodstream of toxins. Burdock root is treasured as a natural diuretic, helping to expel excess water from the body by naturally increasing the flow of urine output. This root can be consumed with other detoxifying herbs to increase the benefits.

Benefits of Burdock Root:

Traditionally burdock root has been used as a diuretic and a digestive aid. Antioxidant  and antidiabetic compounds have also been found in the root, as well as having active ingredients found to promote blood circulation to the skin surface. Clinically burdock root extract has shown improvement in the appearance of wrinkled skin and the quality/texture of skin when applied topically. Preclinical data has also shown that burdock may have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects.

Source: A review of the pharmacological effects of Arctium lappa (burdock)

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Thearticle, Effects of Arctium lappa L. (Burdock) root tea on inflammatory status and oxidative stress in patients with knee osteoarthritis, explains how this tea improves inflammatory status and oxidative stress in patients with knee osteoarthritis.

“Some people take burdock by mouth to increase urine flow, kill germs, reduce fever, and “purify” their blood. It is also taken by mouth to treat colds, cancer, anorexia, stomach and intestinal complaints, joint pain, gout, bladder infections, diabetes, complications of syphilis, and skin conditions including acne and psoriasis. Burdock is also taken by mouth for high blood pressure, “hardening of the arteries” (arteriosclerosis), and liver disease. Some people use burdock to increase sex drive.” Source: Burdock Root

Preparation Steps

Brewing your tea doesn’t have to be hard; follow these steps for the perfect cup of tea.

1 tsp per 8 oz
8 oz
5-7 minutes

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