Citrus Sunrise White Tea


White tea, Ginger Root, Orange Peel, Peach Pieces, Marigolds, Safflowers with Ginger, Orange & Peach flavoring

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Our Citrus Sunrise is a blend of white tea, fruit, and flowers. This tea has is very fragrant and has a delicate, fruity flavor. This tea contains no caffeine. 

Citrus Sunrise Ingredients:


Benefits of Citrus Sunrise:

  • rich in antioxidants
  • aids in weight-loss and fights diabetes
  • promotes good oral health: polyphenols, flavonoids, and tannins that are thought to help in inhibiting the growth of various bacteria that may cause plaque formation 
  • anti-cancer effects
  • skin care: suppress several cellular components that may damage the fiber network that helps the skin stay tight and firm

For more information:

10 Impressive Benefits of White Tea

10 Amazing Benefits Of White Tea

Ginger root has been used traditionally to improve a wide range of bodily functions. As a tea, Ginger has been proven to operate as a potent anti-inflammatory, soothing agent for digestive discomfort, and a tool to improve blood circulation and pressure. Ginger root is widely used as a spice or condiment and medical treatment for certain diseases (Awang, 1992; Mohd-Yusof et al., 2002; Tapsell et al., 2006). Ginger contains several compounds such as gingerol, gingerdiol, and gingerdione that possess strong antioxidant activity (Kikuzaki and Nakatani, 1996).

For further reading on the published medical journal article:

Chemical composition and antioxidant properties of ginger root



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