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Tea Club Subscription

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Try new loose leaf teas every month! 

Each month, we ship out four specially curated teas, selected by our knowledgeable Zen's team. 

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Our subscribers get an exclusive first taste of new and limited release teas! We also send out exclusive discounts to our loyal subscribers!

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By creating an account, you can make changes to your subscription through our Zen's Customer Portal. If you have any questions you can call 1-833-936-7832

Customer Reviews

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Cindy alejo Alejo
First delivery- unexpected size surprise

Just received my first order today, ordering was easy from start to finish, but from the pics I was expecting a bigger size as no where on the description does it tell you how small they actually are again only pics to go off of. I will try them as these are new to me, but I do wish they were alittle bigger then this.

Shirley Tisdale
Tea Club subscription

The subscription was sent to my sisters and they both like your tea very much. They were very surprised at the second delivery with different types of tea.

Tanya Schuchardt
2nd month with Tea Club Subsription.........

There are no words for this October Tea Subscription Box, it is all in my facial expression (and I should have snapped a pic upon receipt. lol)..

** GOLDEN MILK (saw advert on Facebook, commented "hope this is included in Subscript. Box." (-= ))... and sure enough, IT WAS!! so yummm, better than my homemade version; I will say that much.
** PUMPKIN SPICE TEA: Never knew of this but once I tried, immediately; OMG!! a favorite. drank hot and tried it with 1 shot of expresso, honey, almond milk. very, very exhilarating beverage. *** My favorite way to enjoy, though, is ICED with a slice of lemon and honey (sweetener).***
** MAURITIUS:!!WHOAAA!!!... you all read my mind when, deep in my thoughts I was hoping for a great energy drink. will admit, was not expecting the "buzz" from Mauritius but I am very thankful to have been able to experience this tea. LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!! *That hint of VANILLA really takes this black tea to a whole new flavor level. (tried straight black with a smidge of honey; another cup, as is, with a bit of Almond milk) soooooo amazingly tasty.
** ORGANIC BLUEBERRY: This makes for a very refreshing TEA Refresher, when added your favorite Seltzer flavor to it. (Orange used).

= ) I know you are supposed to sip tea, slowly (at times) lol; unfortunately, Zen's Teas are so insanely delish that I am finding myself doubling (lol) for the mere reason of ... chugging! They are just too good!! (I want to visit California just to walk into this shop and spend an entire day there, taste testing. lol.)

And whomever is in charge of putting together the subscription boxes; THANK YOU for choosing the BEST-just-what-I-needed-wanted- TEAS!! Anticipating next month's box. ( =

Tanya Schuchardt
Impressive and Refreshing Tea Selection!!

Thank you for offering a must-have selection for the month of September subscription box!! 1st time buyer, went all in hoping I would get something good and, indeed, I DID!! How you knew I had been wanting that Masala Chai Tea is beyond me but it is a savory savior!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the taste of this, amongst the others received. 2 are new (Ashwagandha Root & Ceylon) but with some google help, I've mastered my tea lattes. ( I live for latte!!) Anxiously awaiting my October Box now!!! feeling I may be happily surprised!!

Margaret Glidewell
Tea house subscription box

I enjoy seeing what tea you get every month so that I can try new ones without paying a really high price.

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