Organic Quilan Oolong Tea

Organic Quilan Oolong Tea

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Origin: China

  • Metabolism
  • Energy
  • Healthy

Traditionally oolong has been used in the assistance of weight-loss and this tea is most well known by Zen's Tea customers as the 'skinny tea.'

Our Organic Quilan Oolong has a toasty and warming aroma and texture. Oolong tea leaves are known to contain significant amounts of Manganese, a compound known to boost metabolic rate or function. Oolong tea has been used for weight-loss due to its effectiveness in burning mid section fat. Typically one cup of oolong tea can boost the metabolism for up to 2 hours.

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Antihyperglycemic Effect of Oolong Tea in Type 2 Diabetes- is an article published by the AMERICAN DIABETES ASSOCIATION, and discusses how Oolong Tea can be used as an effect treatment of type 2 diabetes.