Tea Strainer Zen's Tea House Tea Strainer Zen's Tea House
Tea Strainer $4.99
Many Zen's Tea House customers love this two-inch stainless tea ball steel strainer. It's perfect for making herbal blends, just spoon a few of your favorite herbs or flowers with hot water and you have your drink ready to take wherever you go. - Long-lasting - High quality - Easy to use - Easy to clean
Gift Card Gift Card Zen's Tea House
Gift Card from $10.00
Gift the gift of health to your family or loved ones. Available in 5 price denominations. You will receive an email that contains a unique gift card code that you can use at checkout to redeem its value. This Gift Card can be used to purchase any Subscription and it does not expire. Gift Cards are the perfect gift for any tea lover. 
Tea Entrepreneur Business Guide Tea Entrepreneur Business Guide
Tea Entrepreneur Business Guide from $0.00 $20.00
Ever thought about launching your own brand of tea? Since 2012 Zen's Tea House has sold millions of pounds of organic teas across all 50 states and internationally. Since the incorporation of the Zen's Tea Cafe Franchise, there has been an increase in wholesale accounts. From servicing restaurants, pop-ups, retail outlets, online businesses, and to cafes selling boba, coffee, & kratom, Zen's has done it all.  Lessons Learned Over the years we have developed an impressive international network and a list of very valuable resources. We are offering this information for FREE. Why? Because more people need to be aware of the romantic and industrial sides of the tea industry. As more people understand the multicultural facets and global economical impact of tea farming, we are more likely to care and invest in the development of the more rural parts of the world, an area that is largely connected to tea farming. Natural Health Dr. Jennifer Palladino, the formulator of Dr. Jen's Blend, reached out to Zen's for help in making a custom blend for her patients. For over 30 years she ran a successful medical practice but when it came to launching a product, there was a challenge.  Another reason we are offering this Start-Up Guide for FREE is that we know medical physicians and natural health advocates will use this information to help more people. 80% of the people who purchase Zen's Tea House do so for health reasons... over half of them say the taste and flavors is an additional benefit. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to learn how to launch your own business in the tea industry then you will find this very helpful. If you are looking to go into the field of Health & Wellness then please check out the Holistic Business Handbook. The text has been reduced to a simplified summary of the customers, theories, trade secrets, misconceptions, and the rising list of competitors entering the Complementary and Alternative Medical (CAM) industry. If you are interested in a free copy please email support@zenstea.com and in the subject line type FREE HOLISTIC BUSINESS HANDBOOK and we can send you a promo code. If you are not much of a reader and want to gain more tea industry insight check out Zen's YouTube Channel and click on the Growing in the Tea Industry podcast. While you are exploring Zen's Channel be sure to check out the Tea Garden Videos.
Eco Vessel®  24 oz. Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle Zen's Tea House Eco Vessel®  24 oz. Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle Zen's Tea House
Eco Vessel® Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle $30.99
This 24oz TriMax insulated stainless steel water bottle keeps liquids cold for 36 hours and hot for up to 8 hours. Zen's Tea House uses this thermos, perfect for tea, at all their tea locations. Built-in tea strainerBecause of its built-in tea strainer, it is perfect for making herbal blends, just throw a few of your favorite herbs or flowers with hot water and you have your drink ready to take where ever you go. Zen's Eco Vessel® features a food-grade stainless steel removable strainer for tea and fruit infusion. The strainer will also work well as an ice dam to keep your ice in the bottle instead of hitting your teeth.  Dual-use topZen's Eco Vessel® includes a dual-use top with a wide opening for easy filling and a spout for easy drinking and pouring. For added versatility and value, the top is interchangeable with our push-button coffee top and flip spout sports top which are offered separately. The two-piece lid includes an integrated carrying strap and its secure leak-proof seal will keep your drink inside the bottle where it belongs. Different colors and stylesZen's Eco Vessel® is available in a variety of colors and styles in our durable powder-coated finish or in a stainless steel finish. Your bottle won't sweat and will fit most cup holders. Take it with you everywhere you goToss this insulated stainless steel water bottle in a tote bag, bring it to yoga, or hit the trails. Whether you are at your desk or running errands around town, Zen's Eco Vessel® will keep you hydrated. *LIMITED EDITION**While supplies last
Yellow Emperor Chinese Medical Text Download
Yellow Emperor Chinese Medical Text Download $0.00
The Yellow Emperor’s Chinese Medical Text is an ancient piece of medical literature and exists as one of the most influential medical texts in the world. The book is composed of two texts, 81 chapters or treatises each in a question-and-answer format between the mythical Huangdi and six of his legendary Chinese ministers.  Download for free to learn more and get a promo code.
Zen's 24 oz. Double Wall Solid Clear Orbit Acrylic Tumbler with logo Zen's 24 oz. Double Wall Solid Clear Orbit Acrylic Tumbler with logo
Zen's 24 oz. Double Wall Solid Clear Orbit Acrylic Tumbler with logo $15.99
Drink your Zen's Tea on the go! These BPA free tumblers have double-wall insulation which helps keep your hot and cold beverages at the perfect temperature. They come with plastic lids and a straw which you can remove and then use the slide-lock on the lids for a spill-proof option. Acrylic Clear Tumblers Double Wall Insulation Straw  Straw Can be Removed and Lid has Slide-lock Spill proof mechanism BPA Free
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Tea Mug Zen's Tea House Tea Mug Zen's Tea House
Tea Mug $11.99 $14.99
Double-sided Zen's Tea House 11oz tea mug. Made of ironstone ceramic, this appealing mug features a glossy exterior/interior and a large C-handle. With an overall size of 3 1/8" diameter x 3 3/4" h, this mug reaches its 11 oz. capacity when filled to the rim. It is like a cup but bigger. Perfect for your Zen's Tea House teas.  
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Finum Brewing Basket Finum Brewing Basket
Finum Brewing Basket $16.99
Zen's Tea House uses Finum Brewing Baskets to brew teas at Zen's Tea Cafes. We have a tutorial video HERE. This is ideal for brewing teas because the netted filter offers adequate space for tea leaves to unfold and brew to for a rich, full flavor. These Finum Brewing Baskets are made in Germany out of stainless-steel micro-mesh in a heat tolerant frame from BPA-free material. For higher quality, expensive teas, the Finum Brewing Basket is ideal because you can re-brew the teas in the same basket, switching from one cup or tea pot to another. Dish Washer Safe Food Safe BPA-Free (Made with NO Bisphenol-A material) 100% Guarantee *If you are unhappy with this product we will replace it with a Tea Stainer & Free Tea,**While supplies last.