Mauritius Black Tea


Package size

8 oz 2 oz 1 pound 5 pounds

Mauritius Black Tea


Package size

8 oz 2 oz 1 pound 5 pounds
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This delicious black tea comes from the Republic of Mauritius, an island nation in the Indian Ocean about 2,000 kilometers (1,200 miles) off the southeast coast of the African continent. Mauritius ranked second in an air quality index released by the World Health Organization in 2011. Because of its tropical coastal regions and forests in the mountainous areas, the land produces tea, unlike others. 

Mauritius Black Tea is a strong black tea grounded and infused with natural vanilla flavor. This black tea is in the form of powder which requires a fine tea filter or teapot.

Mauritius Black Tea & why people drink it
This tea is perfect to drink in the morning as it helps to provide mental alertness and energy.

Health benefits

  • Antioxidants called polyphenols in black tea may help prevent DNA damage in the body
  • Deter weight gain and promote fat loss
  • Lower blood sugar levels and the chance of developing type-2 diabetes
  • Lowers risk of heart attack and cardiovascular disease
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Helps to provide mental alertness and energy

Grown in Asia on our organic plantations & hand-packed in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Richq D
Favorite Morning Tea

Great aroma and clean focus to start the day . Ordered more .
Thankful I found this company

Joyce A Bailey
The best black tea ever!

The Mauritius tea is incredibly smooth, sweet and delicious! Thank you!

Sierra Nishimoto
Best black tea I’ve ever had.

As someone who loves black tea in the morning, I’ve tried many black teas in my life. From the store, from online, gifted to me, etc. But once I found Zen’s Tea House Mauritius black tea at our local Farmers Market, I was hooked. I am on my third bag and do not intend to stop. If you love the taste and hint of vanilla and brown sugar with your black tea, this is the tea for you. It is perfect.


Best ever black tea

Karen Murphy
best vanilla flavor

Wish they had it in stock all the time. Love this tea. It has the best vanilla flavor if any tea I have tried.