Mothers' Day Poem by Zen's Tea Owners


Mothers' Day Poem by Zen's Tea Owners

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The Owner's of Zen's Tea House, Fernando & Jake love the Moms in their lives. It seemed only right that they would dedicate a page of the company they built, for their Moms.

"Mom we thank you for caring for us and teaching us love. You were the person to hold us, your heart beat was the first sound we heard.

Mom you cared for us with love and affection, we have a bond that can never be broken.

Mom you taught us life lessons, showed us compassion and because of you we are able love and care for others.

Mom you are our biggest supporters and we thank you for bearing with us. We know we were a handful and we are grateful for your unconditional love."

The image below is a drawing from a member of the Zen's Tea Family. He drew this for his Mom at 7 years old.

Mother's Day Sales promotional Tea with Mom

The image below is a photo of Zen's CEO with his Mom.

Zen's CEO & Mom | Happy Mother's Day