How to Make the Perfect Cup of Zen's Tea

Zen's Organic Loose Leaf Brewing Tea

Here at Zen's Tea House, we often get the question:

How do you make a perfect cup of tea?

How long should I steep it for?

And how hot does my water need to be?

Below are some general guidelines on how to make the perfect cup of Zen's Tea, based on the type of tea you have. With these recommendations, you'll have the perfect cup of tea every time! 

212℉ is boiling point. So if you are making this in a tea kettle, your water has reached boiling point when your kettle begins to whine. If you are heating your water in a pot, boiling point is usually reached when your water begins to steam and bubble vigorously and effervescently. 175-185℉ is simmering, and it is below boiling point. Your water usually reaches this temperature when it is steaming and bubbling lightly.

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Our team will be more than happy to help you and guide you through your tea drinking journey!

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