Tranquility Blend

Tranquility Blend

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Proprietary Blend

Our Tranquility blend is a spiced and earthy composition of Kava Kava and Indonesian Cinnamon. Kava Kava root has been traditionally used as a natural sedative for those plagued by moderate to severe difficulty with sleep. 

Legally there are restriction to what this powerful blend can be described and recommended for. Traditionally it has been recognized to help people battle with anxiety and insomnia but this blend is not the only herbal infusion that should or can be used for anxiety or insomnia. Please read a PDF form "Plant adaptogens." Phytomedicine 1.1 (1994): 63-76. Click here for a Published Peer Review Article to learn about different ways to help with tranquility.

***Take care to use if you have a diabetic condition, high blood pressure, or kidney problems. DO NOT USE IF PREGNANT.

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Journal of General Internal Medicine June 2008, Volume 23, Issue 6, pp 854–859| Cite as

Herbal Medicine in the United States: Review of Efficacy, Safety, and Regulation

According to the Journal of General Internal Medicine, the herb Kava Kava have used by approximately 20% of the population, at the time of published in 2008. But herbal products, like Kava Kava, are not likely to become an important alternative to standard medical therapies unless there are changes to the regulation, standardization, and funding for research of these products. Fortunately there are licensed holistic doctors who practice Internal Medicine and prescribe teas and herbs, like Kava Kava to help with a number of ailments; insomnia being most common. 

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