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***Warning: This is a strong herbal remedy for insomnia. Speak with your doctor before use if you have a diabetic condition, high blood pressure, or kidney problems. DO NOT USE IF PREGNANT.

Our Tranquility blend is a spiced and earthy composition of Kava Kava Root and Indonesian Cinnamon chips. Traditionally, this blend has been recognized to help people battle anxiety and insomnia. Kava Kava root has been traditionally used as a natural sedative for those plagued by moderate to severe difficulty with sleep. Legally, there are restrictions to what this powerful blend can be described as and recommended for. This is not the only herbal infusion that should or can be used for anxiety or insomnia.

Tranquility Blend Ingredients:

  • Indonesian Cinnamon: anti-inflammatory, soothes an upset stomach, relieve indigestion, help keep blood sugar levels balanced, enhance circulation, improve insulin efficiency making it an ideal spice for diabetics, high in glutathione, the body’s major antioxidants
  • Kava Kava: Kava Kava has been traditionally used to treat anxiety, moderate to severe difficulty with sleep, stress, achy joints and a variety of skin conditions. Extracts of 70% kavalactones may work to lower anxiety and aid in relieving stress. 

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“Herbal products have gained increasing popularity in the last decade, and are now used by approximately 20% of the population. Herbal products are complex mixtures of organic chemicals that may come from any raw or processed part of a plant, including leaves, stems, flowers, roots, and seeds. Under the current law, herbs are defined as dietary supplements, and manufacturers can therefore produce, sell, and market herbs without first demonstrating safety and efficacy, as is required for pharmaceutical drugs…Herbal products are not likely to become an important alternative to standard medical therapies unless there are changes to the regulation, standardization, and funding for research of these products.” Source: Herbal Medicine in the United States: Review of Efficacy, Safety, and Regulation

“Kava-kava (Piper methysticum G. Forster) has been used in social and ceremonial life in the Pacific islands from ancient times for the soporific and narcotic effects. Today several extracts standardized in the biologically active constituents kavalactones are marketed both as herbal medicinal products for anxiety disorders and as dietary supplements to improve stress disorders, nervous tension and restlessness.” Source: Kava-kava and anxiety: Growing knowledge about the efficacy and safety

This study investigated the sleep effects in sleep-disturbed rats after using kava kava root extract. They concluded Kava-kava extract is an herbal medicine having not only hypnotic effects, but also sleep quality-enhancement effects. Source: Effects of kava-kava extract on the sleep–wake cycle in sleep-disturbed rats

This study aimed to observe 52 outpatients suffering from anxiety after kava kava extract distribution.  These results support kava-kava extract as an effective and safe alternative to antidepressants and tranquilizers in anxiety disorder without the tolerance problems associated with benzodiazepines. “The scores of the three target symptoms anxiety, restlessness, and tension were reduced by comparable degrees.” Source: Kava-Kava Extract in Anxiety Disorders: An Outpatient Observational Study

11 Proven Health Benefits Of Cinnamon

10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Cinnamon

“Recent studies also demonstrate that compounds found in cinnamon improve the function of insulin, function as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, and may be neuroprotective. Human studies involving control subjects, subjects with the metabolic syndrome, type 2 DM, and polycystic ovary syndrome show beneficial effects of whole cinnamon and aqueous extracts of cinnamon on glucose, insulin, insulin sensitivity, lipids, antioxidant status, lean body mass and gastric emptying…Thus cinnamon, and its components, may be important in the alleviation of chronic diseases associated with insulin resistance such as type 2 diabetes, inflammatory and cardiovascular diseases and neuroprotective effects on stroke and Alzheimer’s disease.” Source: Molecular Targets and Health Benefits of Cinnamon

“cinnamon has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, antitumor, cardiovascular, cholesterol-lowering, and immunomodulatory effects. In vitro studies have demonstrated that cinnamon may act as an insulin mimetic, to potentiate insulin activity or to stimulate cellular glucose metabolism.” Source: Cinnamon and Health

“The purported health benefits from cinnamon have been linked to a variety of constituents. The scientific literature provides emerging evidence that cinnamon may have health benefits, particularly in improving problematic blood glucose regulation that is a consequence of type 2 diabetes and obesity.” SourceCinnamon: Overview of Health Benefits



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