Superior Sencha Green Tea


High quality shogun of Sencha, Arihara grade, Japanese green tea with a rich aroma and delicate flavor.


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Sencha is a high-quality green tea picked from the highest mountain regions of Japan. Sencha is grassy, delicate, and full-bodied in taste. Every cup is loaded with the highest amount of young nutrients and catechins (aka “antioxidants”). Sencha also contains an abundance of the amino acid theanine known to produce tranquilizing effects in the brain

Shogun of Sencha, Arihara grade:

“Green tea is a widely consumed beverage and its origins date back thousands of years in China. The legendary Chinese emperor, Shen Nung, discovered the detoxifying and health-maintaining properties of green tea around 2700 B.C. In recent years, green tea is being widely studied for its beneficial effect in treatment and prevention of human diseases. It is considered to be anti-inflammative, anti-oxidative, anti-mutagenic, and anti-carcinogenic and can prevent cardiac disorders.”

For more information click the article: Antimutagenic Properties of Green Tea R. Bunkova, I. Marova & M. Nemec Plant Foods for Human Nutrition volume 60, pages25–29(2005)


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