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Zen’s Rose Berry herbal tisanne is caffeine free, sugar free and perfect for helping balance stress levels.

Ingredients: Blueberries, Cherries, Rose petals, Rose Hips, Blue mallow blossoms, Raspberry leaf,  Strawberry with Strawberry,  Blackberry  &  Raspberry flavor.

Interesting Article by the Journal of Ethnopharmacology

Rose petals are what make this delicious No Caffeine delicious, calming and nutritional. Rose petals are grown in the finest fields of Egypt and have a sweet, rosy and grassy flavor and aroma. The list of virtues of rose petals is long enough to be considered as an all-purpose natural medicine. Rose petals are known to contain Vitamin C and B group vitamins. They have been traditionally used to harmonize the immune and nervous system.

Rose petals are a key ingredient in Zen’s Top Sleepy Time Tea~ Dream of Flowers. can be enjoyed by themselves or mixed with other teas and herbs like Earl Grey, Jasmine green tea, Oolong, Rooibos, and Chamomile.

The majority of the used plants (ROSE PETALS being one of them) were situated on the recreational-medicinal continuum, which could be divided into two domains: recreational, medicinal and the “grey” area that lies around the borderline. The predominance of the cold and cold-related diseases on the spectrum treated by plants used for making recreational tea reflects the climatic conditions of the region and suggests that they are the most commonly self-treated diseases in the region,..). For the full Roseberry article please Click Here



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Delicious Rose Berry Herbal Tea

We love the taste of the Rose Berry Herbal Tea. It doesn't need sugar or any sweetner due to to it's natural sweetness. We mix this tea with Peach Olong as recommended by one of the staff members. We drink it cold and it is so refreshing. I highly recommend this tea.

Roseberry Tea Most Yummy

This has been my favorite tea its light and very refreshing. Don't run out of stock


So naturally sweet and satisfying !!

Best Tea ever!!

We found this tea at a Farmers Market recently and we are in love with the light floral and berry flavors that mingle delightfully with one another. This has become my newest favorite afternoon tea.