Schisandra Berry


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Schisandra has been used historically in various parts of the world to improve a variety of bodily functions and ailments. Schisandra is known to improve concentration, attention, and speed of thinking. Schisandra fruit extracts can also reduce blood levels of an enzyme called glutamic-pyruvic transaminase (SGPT) in people with hepatitis. SGPT level is a marker for liver damage. A higher SGPT level means more damage; a lower SGPT means less damage.

“Modern science has confirmed many of its old uses as a tonic for overall health and vitality, and its ability to improve memory and concentration. We have also discovered that schisandra has the ability to improve the detoxification enzymes of the liver significantly, and more and more evidence is coming out each year showing support for shisandra as a treatment for hepatitis, alcholic liver disease, high cholesterol, and various other liver-related disorders.”

“Schisandra Monograph (Schisandra Chinesis).”

Preparation Steps

Brewing your tea doesn’t have to be hard; follow these steps for the perfect cup of tea.

1 tsp per 8 oz
8 oz
3-5 minutes

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