Gout-B-Gone- lower uric acid levels


Balancing uric acid levels naturally has been known to help ease and prevent Gout “flare-ups.”

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Gout-B-Gone is a delicious caffeine free infusion formulated to naturally lower the Uric acid levels in the body. Balancing uric acid levels naturally has been known to help ease and prevent Gout “flare-ups.”

How does it work?

Patients who look for a natural relief for Gout, a form of arthritis caused by excess uric acid in the bloodstream.  Have seen amazing results using this No Caffeine herbal infusion.

What are Gout symptoms?

Symptoms of Gout include severe pain, redness, and swelling in joints, often the big toe. Attacks can come suddenly, often at night. During an acute attack, anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) can help to relieve pain and shorten the length of the attack. Patients with chronic gout can use behavioral modification such as diet, exercise, and decreased intake of alcohol to help minimize the frequency of attacks. Additionally, patients with chronic gout are often put on medications such as colchicine. Quote from Mayo Clinic.

All organic ingredients

  • Celery Seed: This is a very powerful diuretic that stimulates the kidneys which aids in flushing uric acid, uric acid crystals, and excess fluids out of the body.
  • Nettle Leaf: Increases the excretion of uric acid through the kidney, which is the main cause of gout. Also contains many vital nutrients for the body.
  • Uva Ursi Leaf: similar in function to celery seed and nettle.

For more information on the Celery Seed found in Organic Gout-B-Gone, click here

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