Welcome to Zen’s Tea Live Series,

where we share Immune Boosting Tips and how to live this 2021 year with “Less Stress, More Rest & the Peace of Mind of Living a Healthier Life.”

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March IMMUNITY AND WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Vitamins, Muscle/exercise, Beauty Soaps, Quality of Food aka Organic. Diabetes YouTube Testimonial + Medicine Database + Immunity CBD Tinctures

April HOW TO PREPARE YOUR FOOD, HOME & LIFE: Snacks, Shakes, Raw Veggies, Processed Junk Food. Holistic Nutrition Explanation Video.

May HOLISTIC REVIEW: www.ZensMed.com

We are excited for you to join us. We are going to cover easily obtainable goals: Weight-Loss, Balancing Blood Pressure, Quality Sleep, & feeling Great.

Regardless if you started or delayed a New Years Resolution today is a new day and YOU have the ability to experience “Less Stress, More Rest & the Peace of Mind of Living a Healthier Life.” Our goal is to be your Accountability partner in making 2021 year the healthiest year of your life.

Past Zen’s Tea Live videos:

January IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH W/ SIMPLE HOLISTIC STEPS: Goal Setting, Taking Breaks, Walks, Yoga & Celebration!. Introduction YouTube Video #1.

February FREE STEPS TO HELP YOUR BODY & POCKET: Breathing, Eating + Water, Sleep Routines, Effective Prevention. YouTube Video #2. + World Health FREE Tips + Living Healthy Statistics + 7 Steps of Mindfulness.

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In 2020 we did a series “Spilling the tea on Environmental & Social Health.”
In 2019 we did a series “Spilling the tea on Emotional Health.”
In 2018 we did our series “Spilling the tea on Mental Health.”

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