Organic Pu-erh Green Tea

Organic Pu-erh Green Tea

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Origin: China

  • HDL/LDL balance

  • Traditionally used as a digestive aid

  • Stomach tea

  • Aged 15-30 years; a Chinese Secret

Pu-erh makes a wonderful cup of deep and earthy tasting green tea. It is enjoyed by the Chinese and is commonly referred to as “the Dim Sum” tea due to its popular use as a digestive aid after eating heavy or greasy meals. This particular grade of Pu-erh is ripe and has been aged 15-30 years.

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Pu-erh traditionally begins as a raw product known as "rough" máochá (毛茶) and can be sold in this form or pressed into a number of shapes and sold as "raw" shēngchá (生茶). Both of these forms then undergo the complex process of gradual fermentation and maturation with time. The wòduī (渥堆) fermentation process developed in 1973 by the Kunming Tea Factory  created a new type of pu'er tea. This process involves an accelerated fermentation into "ripe" shúchá (熟茶) which is then stored loose or pressed into various shapes. The fermentation process was adopted at the Menghai Tea Factory shortly after and technically developed there. The legitimacy of shúchá is disputed by some traditionalists in contrast to aged teas. All types of pu'er can be stored to mature before consumption, which is why it is commonly labelled with the year and region of production.

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