Golden Chai Lattes


A delicious recipe courtesy of Sarah, a SoCal health healer. You can find her This wonderful recipe comes just in time for the holidays. Love your body with this great anti-inflammatory drink. 

Golden Milk Latte !
Using 1tsp @zensteahouse Golden Milk blend! (turmeric, Vietnamese cinnamon & pure ginger)
+ 8 oz @so_delicious unsweetened vanilla almond milk
+ sprinkle of black pepper
+ shot expresso!
>> steam all together & enjoy !

Golden Milk Latte✨
this creamy blend has been my favorite way to start my Saturday !
Turmeric has so many benefits !!
🔸Reduces inflammation
🔸powerful antioxidant
🔸increases levels of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic factor (linked to improved brain function)
🔸and the list goes on !!
🔸But did you know turmeric should always be paired with black pepper - because it increases the amount of turmeric that your body can absorb by 2,000% !! Combining the spices magnifies their effects🙌🏼
🔸🔸my golden milk recipe is a simple & delicious way to get your daily dose of turmeric & black pepper !

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Interested in Golden Milk? Check out the videos below. -GOLDEN MILK GOLDEN MILK