Masala Chai Tea


Package size

4 oz 2 oz 8 oz 1 pound

Masala Chai Tea


Package size

4 oz 2 oz 8 oz 1 pound
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Our Masala Chai is an authentic blend of traditional Indian spices (ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves) and black tea. This blend is the heart of India. This special blend of spices creates a warm, sweet, and soothing sensation for the palate and body.

Masala Chai tea has a sweet and spicy taste.

Masala Chai & Why people drink it
This tea can relieve nausea, improve stomach performance and prevent digestive issues triggered by bacterial infections. It also possesses anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce blood pressure levels.

Health benefits

  • Antioxidants called polyphenols in black tea may help prevent DNA damage in the body
  • Deter weight gain and promote fat loss
  • Lower blood sugar levels and the chance of developing type-2 diabetes
  • Lowers risk of heart attack and cardiovascular disease
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Helps to provide mental alertness and energy

Grown in Asia on our organic plantations & hand-packed in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Marci Bostwick
I love Chai Tea and Zen’s Tea house never disappoints

The flavor of the tea is yummy and fragrant.

chris cressey
Nice blend

I like the fullness of the flavor and the generous amount of cardamom in the blend. It actually compliments coffee as well if 1 tbs is added to the French press along with the coffee!

What I don’t like is receiving daily emails.

Winnie Deguzman
Masala Chai

Absolutely aromatic, loved it!

Very enjoyable

Tried different ways of drinking this tea - it’s great with warmed oat milk and smidge of honey😊

Elizabeth Reyes
Hits the spot!

This is not my first time buying, I think I have boughten 4 bags all together since finding Zen's. It has quickly become one of my favorite brands of Masala Chai. High quality and long lasting. The chai has great flavor and compliments other mixes well. Great service from this company no matter if it's in person or online.

100% Organic & Loose Leaf

Farmers' Market Favorite

15,000+ Happy Customers

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