Lemon Berry


Package size

8 oz 2 oz 1 pound

Lemon Berry


Package size

8 oz 2 oz 1 pound
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This Zen's Tea House original is a perfect mix of lemon-citrus berry infusions that will leave you wanting more! This blend contains Ginger Root, Honey Ginger Crystals, Schisandra Berries, Hibiscus, Lemon Grass, and Lemon Peel. All of the ingredients in this blend have their own special benefit which makes this blend the perfect cup of tea! 

Zen's Lemon Berry has a fresh, floral taste. This delicious herbal blend is wonderful hot or cold.

What this tea can do for you
Since lemon, ginger, and berry are the predominant flavors in this blend it can be used for respiratory issues, sinus infections, and relaxation. The addition of Hibiscus to this blend makes it perfect to reduce high blood pressure.

Health benefits

  • Immune Support
  • Digestion
  • Pain Relief/Relaxation
  • Cardiovascular Support
  • Weight Loss
  • Detox
  • Energy

Grown in Asia on our organic plantations & hand-packed in the USA.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lesley Castaneda
Lemon Berry

Very tasty, fruity blend of herbal tea with no caffeine 👍👍

Irene Mason
Right amount of Zing

I love this new blend…..just has the right amount of ginger zing….smells great and so delicious!

Jennie Nguyen
Good summer drink

I expected something like a lemonade smell but I was actually surprised I smelled herbs.The tea is perfect iced tea for hot days.

100% Organic & Loose Leaf

Farmers' Market Favorite

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