Ginger Root (cut and sifted)

Ginger Root (cut and sifted)

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  • Scratching Throat
  • Healing properties
  • Common Cold
  • Healthy

Our Ginger root gives every cup a flavor and feeling of warmth, clarity, and spice. Ginger root has been used traditionally to improve a wide range of bodily functions. As a tea, Ginger has been proven to operate as a potent anti-inflammatory, soothing agent for digestive discomfort, and tool to improve blood circulation and pressure.

Ginger (Zingiber officinale Roscoe, Zingiberaceae) rhizome (ginger root) is widely used as a spice or condiment (Larsen et al., 1999) and medical treatment for certain diseases (Awang, 1992; Mohd-Yusof et al., 2002; Tapsell et al., 2006). Ginger contains several compounds such as gingerol, gingerdiol, and gingerdione that possess strong antioxidant activity (Kikuzaki and Nakatani, 1996). Information on the effect of ginger or its compounds on animal performance, antioxidant status, and serum metabolites. For more info Click Here

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Ginger is one of the most ancient spices well-known for its health benefits, which include its ability to relieve nausea and pain. It also helps boost bone health, strengthen the immune system, and increase appetite. Ginger is good for preventing cancer, improving respiratory conditions, stimulating digestion, treating arthritis, and reducing excess gas. It is also good for enhancing sexual activity, mitigating obesity, and relieving the pain related to menstrual disorders.