Ceylon Black Tea

Ceylon Black Tea

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Origin: Sri Lanka

Ceylon Black Tea makes a potent and bold brew making it an excellent option for those who adore quality black tea. Every sip leaves a lively and tangy sensation on the tongue. The ideal weather conditions in Sri Lanka allow for Ceylon black tea leaves to retain an abundance of antioxidants. This variety of black tea is warming and creates a wakeful energy!

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Camellia sinensis is a robust tea shrub, able to tolerate a wide range of tropical climates, altitudes and soil conditions. It flourishes in the wild. The bushy tea shrub that covers the hills of central Sri Lanka in manicured, contour-planted swathes becomes a shaggy, gnarled tree that can grow up to 9m (30ft.) tall. 

Enzymatic Oxidation is the name of the process, the delay of leaves being put in a high temperature, causing the loss of enzymes in the tealeaves. 

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